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Full Stack Developer NextJS | +2y of experience

I got into programming at my 17's with no knowledge about it; I actually thought that I was going to be fixing computers. Once I began learning algorithms, data structures, and Big O notation, I fell in love. Since then, all of my professional life has been around programming. I've been building custom websites with Nextjs 13, Typescript, TailwindCSS, and Vercel within 2–3 weeks. When I look back at the "junior" me, I feel very proud of myself. Recently, I've been learning more and more about server-side rendering, SEO, and data analysis. I have a strong interest in big data, data analysis, and data engineering. I am really passionate about building fun projects, and I particularly enjoyed a lot using NestJS with Apollo GraphQL and MongoDB ATLAS to build a backend during my internships. I also lost my mind about data mining using just Python, with no libraries added. To extract lists or products from websites. Personally, it is a pleasure to help whenever I can; watching the blink of an eye of a fellow developer whenever we can work something out gives me satisfaction; and feeling involved in a team instead of being just by myself is a strong plus. As a developer, I have a really good understanding of CSS. Most developers would skip this part of their learning curve by using pre-made components and libraries. I've been given somewhat broken vanilla projects that needed to be fixed using flat CSS (talking about a single CSS 700-line monster file to fix). Lastly, and not less important, working with a wide range of technologies has granted me a really good learning skill and a stubborn determination to get things done.

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Fullstack Developer | React | Node | SQL | Mongo

Fullstack web developer with more than 4 years of experience developing web and mobile applications. Passionate about modern user interfaces and IT security. I keep myself in the constant search for challenges that allow me to learn about new technologies and expand my knowledge. My main hobby is play videogames. Main Technical Skills: React, Next.js, MySQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, Ionic, GIT, CSS/SCSS, HTML, Native Spanish, English B2 Soft Skills:, Ethic, Autodidact, Teamwork, Effective communication, Creativity Some of the projects I developed: Weedzly Inc: In charge of the technical planning, development and maintenance of a marketplace application capable of interacting with the location of the user and registered stores, in order to represent the information on maps and facilitate routes, in addition to providing assistance with sales and product delivery, among many other features. Use of technologies such as Express, MongoDB, Socket.io, NextJs, React, Redux, JWT, Redis, Mapbox, Google Maps, IONIC React, among others. Implementation on the web and Android and IOS mobile applications. Broker411.co: Information system that allows users to publish reviews of the platform aimed at the field of cargo transportation. Implementation of MySQL with Sequelize, consumption of government API for user verification and obtaining relevant information (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). A-zhospice.com: Informative web portal belonging to a nursing home, built with nextjs and a contentful (CMS) for the publication of blog articles. Centralfoodies.com: Website that runs under Wordpress technology to promote a restaurant chain as well as the products to offer. TrillionaireClub: Information system with the ability to generate avatars randomly following criteria established by the operator through scripts executed in NodeJs, manipulation of graphic resources, and use of Amazon S3 to store assets.

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Full-stack software engineer with 8+ years of experience, specialized in React.js and Ruby on Rails.

I have always been passionate about technology and its potential to solve complex problems. My journey as a developer started when I was in college, where I studied computer science and began experimenting with coding in my free time. Even before graduation, I landed my first job as a full-stack developer at a startup, where I learned the importance of building scalable, user-friendly interfaces. One recent accomplishment that I'm particularly proud of is building a feature for an e-commerce platform that increased conversion rates by 25%. To accomplish this, I had to work closely with the product team to understand the user's pain points and come up with a solution that would address them. It was a challenging but rewarding experience, and I learned a lot about the importance of collaboration and communication. What I'm most passionate about as a developer is creating elegant, efficient solutions to complex problems. I take pride in my ability to break down complex systems into smaller, more manageable components and solve them one step at a time. I am also passionate about building user-centric products that are intuitive and easy to use. One of my unique skills as a developer is my ability to bridge the gap between front-end and back-end development. While I am primarily a front-end developer, I have a deep understanding of back-end systems and can work seamlessly in back-end applications to build cohesive, end-to-end solutions. I am also skilled at identifying performance bottlenecks and optimizing code for maximum efficiency. Overall, I believe that my combination of technical skills, passion for innovation, and ability to collaborate effectively with others make me an excellent fit for any development team. I am excited about the opportunity to continue growing and learning as a developer and to contribute to meaningful, impactful projects.

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