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Full Stack Developer NextJS | +2y of experience

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I got into programming at my 17's with no knowledge about it; I actually thought that I was going to be fixing computers.
Once I began learning algorithms, data structures, and Big O notation, I fell in love. Since then, all of my professional life has been around programming.

I've been building custom websites with Nextjs 13, Typescript, TailwindCSS, and Vercel within 2–3 weeks. When I look back at the "junior" me, I feel very proud of myself.

Recently, I've been learning more and more about server-side rendering, SEO, and data analysis. I have a strong interest in big data, data analysis, and data engineering.

I am really passionate about building fun projects, and I particularly enjoyed a lot using NestJS with Apollo GraphQL and MongoDB ATLAS to build a backend during my internships.

I also lost my mind about data mining using just Python, with no libraries added. To extract lists or products from websites.

Personally, it is a pleasure to help whenever I can; watching the blink of an eye of a fellow developer whenever we can work something out gives me satisfaction; and feeling involved in a team instead of being just by myself is a strong plus.

As a developer, I have a really good understanding of CSS. Most developers would skip this part of their learning curve by using pre-made components and libraries. I've been given somewhat broken vanilla projects that needed to be fixed using flat CSS (talking about a single CSS 700-line monster file to fix).

Lastly, and not less important, working with a wide range of technologies has granted me a really good learning skill and a stubborn determination to get things done.