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Fullstack Passioned Developer 2.5y+

Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in Backend Development, adeptly working with technologies such as Node, Spring, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, while also excelling in Frontend Development with React, Vue, Blade, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more. My experience extends to leveraging various developer tools like GitHub, Gitlab, CI/CD, and testing frameworks to deliver high-quality, scalable solutions. At Pixel & Byte, I thrived in a remote environment, spearheading the development of monolithic and microservice-oriented web applications. I led the creation of entire applications using diverse stacks like ReactJS + Springboot, VueJS + Laravel, and ReactJS + NodeJS. This experience equipped me to handle security measures using JWT in backend APIs and their seamless integration with frontend technologies through REST & SOAP, ensuring robust and secure applications. Furthermore, my freelance endeavors have provided me with the autonomy to manage end-to-end functionalities of both backend and frontend, optimizing user experiences by introducing intuitive features. I am well-versed in deploying applications using platforms like Heroku, Github Pages, and custom domains, ensuring a smooth and accessible end-product. Beyond technical expertise, my communicative nature, collaborative spirit, and result-oriented approach have consistently contributed to successful project deliveries. I thrive in dynamic environments where teamwork and innovation drive success, and I am eager to bring my skills here to help drive growth and innovation.

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Creative Full Stack Developer and Dynamic Team Leader.

Hello! I’m a versatile Full Stack Developer and Team Leader with over four years of experience in the tech industry, and I’m here to bring your digital visions to life. My journey in tech began with a comprehensive education in systems from ORT University in Uruguay, equipping me with a deep understanding of programming, databases, networks, machine learning, AI, and computer security. This background has been the foundation of my career, where I have developed a robust skill set and a passion for technological innovation and entrepreneurship. What I Offer: Diverse Technological Skills: I specialize in a variety of technologies, including React.js for front-end development, Node and PHP for robust back-end solutions, and Flutter for seamless cross-platform mobile applications. My expertise also extends to .Net, enabling me to handle enterprise-level applications with ease. Leadership and Team Coordination: As a team leader, I've managed and mentored a group of five developers. This role has honed my skills in project management, team coordination, and ensuring that all team efforts align perfectly with client objectives. User-Focused Development: My approach to development is deeply rooted in creating user-centric digital products. I believe that the most successful projects are those that provide real value and satisfaction to their end-users. This user-focused philosophy drives all my design and development processes. Commitment to Innovation: Staying abreast of the latest technological trends and advancements is not just a professional requirement for me, but a personal passion. I am always exploring new tools and methodologies to ensure that my clients receive the most innovative and effective solutions. Collaborative Work Ethic: I thrive in collaborative environments and believe in working closely with clients to understand their vision and objectives fully. This collaborative approach ensures that the final product not only meets but exceeds client expectations. Why Choose Me? Proven Track Record: My portfolio is a testament to my capabilities, showcasing a range of successful projects across various technologies and industries. Adaptability: I excel in adapting to new challenges and requirements, ensuring that regardless of the project scale or complexity, the best possible solutions are delivered. Communication and Transparency: Effective communication is key to the success of any project. I maintain transparency with my clients throughout the development process, ensuring they are informed and involved in every step. Quality and Efficiency: I am committed to delivering high-quality work within agreed timelines, ensuring that your project is not just completed, but excels in its domain. My Mission: To leverage my skills and experience in developing high-quality digital solutions that drive innovation, efficiency, and user satisfaction. I aim to work on projects that are not just technologically advanced but also have a meaningful impact on society. Whether you’re a startup looking to bring a new idea to life or an established business seeking to upgrade your digital presence, I am here to help you achieve those goals. If you’re looking for a dedicated and skilled developer who can take your project to the next level, let's connect. Contact me to discuss your needs, and let's start turning your ideas into reality. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and contribute to your success!

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Experienced Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in SQL, PHP, Java, Kotlin and Android . Fullstack Developer | Bitnat | 2022 - 2023 Functions: Development of an Android app for gambling and the accompanying REST API built with PHP, Laravel and MySQL. Business details are protected by an NDA. Applied tools: PHP, Laravel, SQL, MySQL, SQLite, Java, Kotlin and Android Fullstack Developer | CESA | 2022 Functions: Development of a web application for the management of an HR department. Built using PHP, ZendFramework, MySQL with the MVC architecture. Applied tools: PHP, ZendFramework, SQL, MySQL. Fullstack Developer | Digital Cupcake | 2019 - 2020 Functions: Development of a E-commerce app. Built using PHP, Laravel and MySQL as REST API and a Angular app as a client. Applied tools: PHP, Laravel, SQL, MySQL. Fullstack Developer | Creative works | 2018 - 2019 Functions: Development of a web application for online printing service. Built using PHP, Codeigniter and MySQL with the mvc architecture.. Applied tools: PHP, SQL, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, Codeigniter. Fullstack Developer | Adelfuns Technology, CA. | 2016 - 2018 Functions: Development of several applications based on cloud services, such as a smart mirror for the hotel industry with the capacity to display useful information and ads to customers with a REST API built in PHP, Laravel and Mysql and a client app developed in Android and SQLite. Applied tools: Angular, Php, Kotlin, Java, Css, Html, IoT Android Developer| FERMAT, CA. | 2015 - 2016 Functions: Development of a messaging application based on P2P protocol built on Android and SQLite. Applied tools: Java, Xml