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FullStack Dev | Angular | React with 5+ years of experience ready to help you

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Project Manager and Developer with 7 years of experience in creating digital solutions. Expertise in all layers of web and mobile development: storage, logic, and presentation. Passionate about new technologies as a driver of solutions.

My Top technologies are Angular, Ionic, React, Javascript, and Typescript!

I led as a senior developer the process of a chatbot to work with clients nationwide, successfully retaining 60% of requests and decreasing costs.

Successfully developed 11 new modules, implemented for the first time in the company unit tests and storybook.

I participated in a variety of projects implementing good practices and SOLID principles.

Love to learn new Javascript tech, and who knows, maybe I'll jump to another stack!

Pizza and Code are my 2 passions, The funny part... they can work together just great!