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Creative problem solver who delivers high quality code and communicates effectively.

I'm a creative Full-stack developer who likes to try new things constantly, from new programming languages and frameworks to drawing and dancing. I truly believe in the importance of being a well-rounded individual who delves into technical knowledge and topics but also explores artistic and communicational skills to connect and collaborate with other colleagues more efficiently. I started my developer career at college when I studied computer science in Universidad Central de Venezuela back in 2010, where I learned the fundamental programming concepts, like algorithms, data structures and design patterns. Not long after that, I decided to take a step further and enrolled in the Microverse program, where I learned not only the importance of soft skills, collaboration, and communication to succeed in the professional environment but also started my journey as a Ruby on Rails Full-stack developer. During this program I completed over 20+ projects using different technologies (JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails) and worked with over 50+ colleagues. The latest major project I worked on was TravelContact, where I helped to optimize the code improving the response time of the app in about 20% overall by making more efficient database queries and clearer ORM calls. Developed a flight auto completion feature by connecting the app with a flight real time tracker and developed the agent commission reconciliation feature. The skills I've acquired and the stack I've learned so far include: - Web Development: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap - Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Ruby - Libraries and Frameworks: React, Redux, Angular, Ruby on Rails - Version Control: Git - Database Management: SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL - Operating Systems: Windows (WSL), Linux - Software Development Methodologies: Agile, Scrum - Developer Tools: GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Visual Studio Code, Heroku, Netlify, Render, Docker - Professional skills: Conflict Management, Time Management, Effective Communication, Problem Solving Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in working together or building a professional connection: abel.lavierip@gmail.com And you can visit my GitHub profile: https://github.com/alvp01

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Experienced Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in SQL, PHP, Java, Kotlin and Android . Fullstack Developer | Bitnat | 2022 - 2023 Functions: Development of an Android app for gambling and the accompanying REST API built with PHP, Laravel and MySQL. Business details are protected by an NDA. Applied tools: PHP, Laravel, SQL, MySQL, SQLite, Java, Kotlin and Android Fullstack Developer | CESA | 2022 Functions: Development of a web application for the management of an HR department. Built using PHP, ZendFramework, MySQL with the MVC architecture. Applied tools: PHP, ZendFramework, SQL, MySQL. Fullstack Developer | Digital Cupcake | 2019 - 2020 Functions: Development of a E-commerce app. Built using PHP, Laravel and MySQL as REST API and a Angular app as a client. Applied tools: PHP, Laravel, SQL, MySQL. Fullstack Developer | Creative works | 2018 - 2019 Functions: Development of a web application for online printing service. Built using PHP, Codeigniter and MySQL with the mvc architecture.. Applied tools: PHP, SQL, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, Codeigniter. Fullstack Developer | Adelfuns Technology, CA. | 2016 - 2018 Functions: Development of several applications based on cloud services, such as a smart mirror for the hotel industry with the capacity to display useful information and ads to customers with a REST API built in PHP, Laravel and Mysql and a client app developed in Android and SQLite. Applied tools: Angular, Php, Kotlin, Java, Css, Html, IoT Android Developer| FERMAT, CA. | 2015 - 2016 Functions: Development of a messaging application based on P2P protocol built on Android and SQLite. Applied tools: Java, Xml

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Innovative Full Stack Developer with Strong Problem-Solving and Teamwork Skills for Efficient Software Development

Hello! Thank you for considering me for your full stack development position. I am excited to showcase my skills and experience in software analysis and development to contribute to your team. Here is my attractive resume, highlighting my expertise and achievements. Experience: Full Stack Developer, Transportation and Logistics, Nov 2021 – Present Lead development, implementation, and maintenance of software, including monolithic, client-server, hybrid apps, third-party APIs, and databases. Conducted requirements analysis and R&D for new features. Full Stack Developer, Software Factory, Feb 2021 – Nov 2021 Developed software and conducted testing for MVPs with Ruby on Rails, achieving successful deployment. Full Stack Developer, Analysis and Consultancy, 2017 – 2021 Conducted full-stack development, analysis, and consultancy, specializing in Angular2, Ruby on Rails, Java Android, Javascript, AWS, and Postgres technologies. Software Consultancy, Analysis and Development, R&D 2016 – 2017 Education: Programmer Analyst: 2013-2017 I am confident that my experience and skills will contribute positively to your team. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications with you. Skills: Ruby on Rails • PostgreSQL • JavaScript • Haml • Angular2 • Google Cloud • Linux • JAVA (android) • AWS • Jquery • Heroku • Stimulus js Expertise in managing different programming paradigms and applying programming languages with different characteristics to develop logical and structured thinking for efficient performance in activities related to programming and data management. Strong ability to interpret and implement the design of an application, manage relational databases, and utilize third-party APIs. Effective teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability skills.

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