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I am a self-taught programmer who discovered my passion for development during an impactful journey to China, where I embarked on a mission to create an information system. Despite lacking prior experience or guidance from seasoned developers, I accomplished the task successfully, and the feeling was exhilarating. It was as if I possessed the power to transform ideas into reality. That transformative experience solidified my desire to dedicate my life to programming, and since then, I have remained unwavering in my commitment.

Throughout my career, I've come to understand that true efficiency lies in ensuring quality. This realization led me to develop an unwavering obsession with writing meticulous tests and crafting clean, object-oriented code.

If your team is in search of someone who truly values and champions best coding practices, someone who is determined to tackle the lingering technical debt head-on, then I am the ideal candidate. Should you require a meticulous approach to building a product from the ground up, executed with precision and excellence, look no further. And when it comes to expanding product features while maintaining a pristine codebase, you can count on me to deliver.