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I am Axel, a passionate Full Stack Developer from Chile with over five years of experience in diverse sectors including IoT and agriculture. My journey in software development began in college while studying mechanical engineering where I discovered my interest in programming. This led me to leave my studies and pursue a career in software development. I landed my first job at Kastor SPA, where I played a key role in designing and developing complex systems using JavaScript, PHP, Angular, Node.js, and Express.js.

One of my recent accomplishments includes successfully starting my own company, IOTera Software, and winning state funds to finance its growth. Here, I have been developing an IoT system using Angular, NestJS, and various IoT-related technologies, as well as managing the infrastructure and security aspects of the project.

Recently, I learned about incorporating blockchain technology into my second project, which focuses on monitoring crop parameters. This innovative approach ensures the immutability of the data collected, which is critical for organic crop certification.

I am passionate about solving complex software engineering problems in dynamic environments. My experience in various domains has equipped me with a unique skill set that allows me to see solutions from different perspectives.

What sets me apart is my ability to quickly adapt and learn new technologies. Even though I am primarily experienced with Angular for front-end development, I am confident in my ability to master new frameworks like VueJS or React if required. Moreover, my experience spans not only software development and maintenance but also infrastructure management and resolving technical issues, providing robust, scalable, and evolving solutions.

I believe this combination of skills and experiences makes me a uniquely qualified Full Stack Developer, ready to bring value to any team I join.