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Full Stack Developer | 4+ years | Web Developer | JavaScript | Vue | React | MongoDB | Node

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I am a collaborative and creative full-stack developer with over 4+ years of experience, over the years I've developed an excellent knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Vue, React, MongoDB, Node and CSS pre-processors (SASS / SCSS) by developing scalable and efficient applications that meet or exceed client expectations. Likewise, I have an excellent knowledge in gathering and analyzing requirements and translating them to awesome products. I've developed a bast understanding of the development lifecycle, including working experience with Git/GitFlow, Pull Requests and Code Reviews. I also have a great understanding of OOP principles, Data Structures, Algorithms, Design Patterns.

Furthermore, I have experience in responsive and mobile WEB development and have experience with web systems running on various OS and browsers, including older versions.

I've also worked with client-side and distributed development teams using the Scrum methodology, and I consider myself a team player.