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Experienced FullStack Web Developer with Expertise in Ruby on Rails, React, and Node.js, Skilled in IoT and Design Thinking

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I am a FullStack Web Developer with skills and abilities in a variety of areas, including IoT, Full Stack web development, Design Thinking, 4G, Ruby on Rails, React, and Node.js.

Since 2019, he has been working as a software developer, and now he is a team leader

In terms of certifications, i have completed several courses, including a basic course in GraphQL, an online web development course, fundamentals of Javascript, a professional course in Git and Github, and a responsive design course. These courses demonstrate my commitment to learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the industry.

I have also gained experience as a FullStack Web Developer at a public institution for over three years. During this time,i participated in various meetings, including meetings with other engineers for other institutions to discuss new functionalities in the software. I also participated in ideation and prototyping sessions, which involve brainstorming and designing new ideas and concepts for software development.

As a FullStack Web Developer, i have developed a range of frontend and backend issues using technologies such as Ruby on Rails, React, and Node.js. I also developed an information platform and payment gateway using AWS Lambdas, Postgres, and Next.js. Additionally, i have contributed to the development of various software projects, including features like PUCCH Outer Loop Power Control, U2L Service Based Redirection, GSM, and UMTS Modernization.

Furthermore, i have worked as a Scrum Master at a software development company, where i reviewed Merge Requests created by developers. This experience shows that i have knowledge of agile methodologies, which are commonly used in software development to increase efficiency and collaboration.

Overall, my skills, abilities, certifications, and experience demonstrate their expertise in FullStack Web Development and their ability to work on complex software projects using a variety of technologies and methodologies.