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Versatile Full-stack Developer with expertise in JavaScript, React, Node.js, and .NET. Skilled in database design, API integration, and performance optimization. Strong problem-solving and teamwork abilities.

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Hello, my name is Jhoskar. I am a full-stack developer from Venezuela, but currently, I live in Chile. I have over two years of experience in developing applications using technologies such as JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, and .NET. Additionally, I am skilled in Docker and Microsoft Azure cloud.

In my recent work experiences, I have specialized in developing custom ERP applications for companies in various industries. These applications are designed to manage and organize the company's needs, including inventory, payment methods, delivery orders, and more.

Furthermore, I possess extensive knowledge of integrating payment methods into e-commerce projects. I can handle web scraping and also have some experience with Amazon Lambda.

I want to mention that I am also a psychology graduate, which has helped me develop skills such as effective communication, teamwork, tolerance to frustration, and resilience.

In my opinion, what makes a good remote team is effective organization and communication, strong teamwork, maintaining a pleasant working environment for the whole team, and ensuring the assignment and completion of tasks within established timelines.

It's a pleasure to greet you. Goodbye.