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I have 20 years of experience in full-stack development, with a focus on back-end development. I am currently seeking employment in the field of cybernetics and human-machine interaction. While my expertise lies in NodeJS and PHP, I am eager to learn new technologies and expand my skill set.

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With 20 years of full-stack software development, I worked in 6 companies, mainly with LAMP stack and frontend frameworks such as Vue, Angular, and React. I worked in NodeJS applications for about four years. I assisted frontend teams with mobile development using Ionic Framework and React Native. Experience with Linux server administration. Most used to working with Agile teams using SCRUM, CI/CD, and test-driven development.

Last role: Part of the Agile team, working on new modules for a food delivery app in the United States ( and working as a full-stack engineer using PHP, NodeJS, AngularJS, React, React Native, and AWS Serverless. MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Firebase are being used as databases, and using Docker as a local and production environment with CI/CD (Jenkins and CircleCI). PHPUnit and Mocha are being used for TDD. Everything is built under a microservice architecture.

Unique skills: OSINT and language models reverse engineering.