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Experienced Full Stack Web Developer with +2 years of expertise in React, Laravel, MySQL, Redis, S3, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Next.js, and more. committed to smart solutions and fostering a collaborative work environment to achieve company goals.

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Hello! I'm Agustin, an experienced Full Stack developer with over 2 years of know-how in the tech world. I've polished my skills by taking on ambitious projects at a startup, where I became really good at solving problems to meet some tough goals.

One of my biggest challenges? Building an API marketplace to compete with major players. I had the task of not only creating a big chunk of the backend but also crafting the entire frontend using Bootstrap, Tailwind, and JavaScript.

Currently, I'm diving deep into React-Next and Node.js professionally, aiming to become a master of the full stack. This journey allows me to offer valuable assistance by using various technologies and knowledge, enhancing both my skills and the company's capabilities.

I'm passionate about continuous learning, exploring new ways of working, keeping up with the latest tech trends, and following best practices. I'm naturally curious and spend my free time deepening my studies because programming is my true passion, and I'm committed to taking it to the next level.

I enjoy assisting my teammates and working with folks from other departments to find solutions. It's all about collaborating to tackle challenges and achieve our goals more efficiently and effectively. I strongly believe in teamwork and sharing knowledge because that's how we all progress and succeed!