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Fullstack developer with 5 years of experience in technologies such as: Javan, Spring Boot, Angular, JavaScript, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, among others.

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My name is Thiago. As a mid-level full-stack software engineer at Iteris, my main goal is to help the company's clients to improve their software security by evaluating their vulnerabilities and providing solutions.

One of my recent challenges covered the conclusion of a high-priority project regarding a very important client. The contract was reaching its deadline, and my team and I were allocated to deliver the necessary software. We could finish everything that was necessary in less than one month and delivered it to the client on time.

I also hold a bachelor's degree in computer science and I have 4 years of experience in IT. I have always been very curious and enjoyed activities related to logical reasoning, and this mixture led me to this area. I have experience with Java REST services using Spring Boot, Junit, and integration tests. And due to my stack, I also work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jest, and Angular. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing Genshin, and dedicating myself to my other passion, music.