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Experienced Full Stack Developer | Java | JavaScript | Agile Enthusiast | Passionate about Solving Complex Problems

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I'm an accomplished Full Stack Developer, with a record of over 6 years of experience building and maintaining intricate web and RESTful applications. Currently, I work as a Senior Full Stack Developer, where I head multiple complex projects, leveraging technologies like Java, Spring Boot, JavaScript, React, MySQL, and PL/SQL to create exceptional, performance-optimized solutions.

One of my significant achievements has been leading the integration of various companies with third-party APIs, displaying my knack for tackling challenging assignments. I led Company X's e-commerce platform integration with a leading shipping service API, a move that lowered shipping costs by 20% and heightened order fulfilment efficiency.

Beyond work, I'm passionate about ongoing technical growth and deeply involved in the latest Spring Boot advancements to constantly deliver innovative solutions. In my free time, I participate in coding challenges and contribute to open-source projects. Notably, my contributions to the open-source community, including the Admin Pro project, have earned me top contributor recognition.

I also enjoy exploring emerging technologies and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends. When not coding, you can find me engaged in various tech conferences and meetups, building my network while learning from the best.

If you find my expertise aligning with your organization's objectives, feel free to reach out to me. I welcome all discussions on how I can contribute to your mission and goals.

Competencies: Java, Spring Boot, JavaScript, React, MySQL, PL/SQL, API Integration, Performance Optimization, Industry Best Practices, Open Source Contributions.

P.S. I'm always looking for exciting new projects and collaborations. Let's connect and see how we can create something remarkable together.