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FullStack Developer | Vue.js | React.js | TypeScript | +4 years of experience | Ready for new projects 🚀

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Computer Engineer and frontend developer with +4 years of experience in the market using Vue.js and Nuxt.js with TypeScript, oriented to good practices, unit testing, clean code and teamwork. I have experience as a FullStack developer of Vue.js, React.js, Node.js and postgreSql. I have worked with Scrum agile development methodology. Looking for new challenges. Experience working with startups in the educational area and Marketplace. I love learning new technologies and being able to apply them. Currently, I am expanding my knowledge to React.js and mobile development with React Native.

I like to solve problems with technology, analyze code from other colleagues, give feedback and recommendations. Open to any suggestions, comments and opinions for continuous improvement. I have collaborated and led teams in software development. Willing to learn new tools and technologies. Able to mentor less experienced developers. Ability to lead teams.