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I have a bachelor degree in computer enginnering by UFRGS (federal university of Rio Grande do Sul), which I finished mid 2021. During graduation I participated in research projects, one of this projects had me working in Germany for one year, using C++ to port a OCR solution to work in a Intel Xeon Phi.

Later I began my internship at SAP, where I was hired as a full-time employee mid 2020. Since then I've been working with a scrum team on the development of a microservices architecture application, mainly with Java (Spring boot) and Javascript (SAP UI5), but also working with Jenkins, HANA, Kibana, etc. I also write design documents for features or adoptions from time to time, applying SOLID and other principles when creating class diagrams.

My main professional goal is to develop high-quality, secure and performant software. I chose the developer path because it allowed me to use my problem-solving skills and also show my creative side when finding solutions. I'm someone who wants to find ways to improve people lives through technology.

To me, the ideal workplace is where: everyone is open to state whatever is in their mind and contribute equally; there are policies aimed to create an inclusive, representative environment; work-life balance is ensured; all workers receive a payment that enables a dignified life; profit comes without environmental and social costs.

On my free time I enjoy playing games, from retro to modern; and spending time with my friends, family and cats :)