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Multi-Talented Full-Stack Developer: Building Modern Solutions with Multiple Languages and Frameworks for Web, Mobile, Desktop, and Back-End Applications, with Strong SQL Skills

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Software developer since 2016. Experienced Full-stack developer with expertise in multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, and AssemblyScript. Skilled in using various frameworks for front-end (React.js), mobile (React Native), back-end (Ruby on Rails, Django, and Spring Boot to create microservices), and desktop applications (Electron.js). Proficient in SQL (stored procedure) and PostgreSQL.

Javascript, Ruby, Python, Java, AssemblyScript, React JS, React Native, Ruby on Rails, Django, Spring Boot, Electron JS, SQL Stored Procedure, PostgreSQL, Blockchain (Near Protocol Certified).

Certified developer in Near Protocol with knowledge in Blockchain. Responsible for developing and maintaining front-end features using web technologies such as React along with TDD (Jest, react-testing lib). In charge of developing and maintaining back-end features using Ruby On Rails along with TDD (rspec). Also, managed the development of microservices with Java using the Spring Boot framework for the needs of sales policies using Java as the primary technology. Managed SQL Server for the creation of stored procedures.

I have worked as a software developer for various companies in London. One of my responsibilities was to download information from the web using the scrapy library with Python language and the Django framework. Additionally, I worked on the development of mobile applications and a web administrator.I also provided support and maintenance for existing applications.

I have experience in developing mobile applications for Android and iOS, specifically designing an app that controls receipts of payments and generates specific data for the control of merchandise. Furthermore, I contributed to the development of a mobile application and website for teaching set theory in the field of mathematics.

In addition, I was in charge of developing microservices using the Spring Boot framework with Java as the main technology. These microservices were created for the sales policies of the company. I also managed the SQL Server for the creation of stored procedures. Overall, I have extensive experience in software development, and I am well-versed in a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies.