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I have been learning to program in different languages for about 3 years. I'm fully focused on reaching the objective of finding a team that can support me on my first job as a dev. 100% committed to learning and developing as part of a cool, dynamic group, where I get the opportunity to learn with others but, at the same time, gradually become an important cog in the whole team. For me, it would also be important to have growth opportunities in the team, so that I can keep on learning and expanding.

I've designed a website for a religious NGO on WordPress, maintained a few sites on Shopify and Wix, and created several personal projects on my own, such as an IMDB equivalent of the movies I recommend. Currently I'm working on the design and development of the website for the first female football team in the town where I live.

I consider myself an adaptable person who always likes to learn and help others learn. I'm a team player but I also try to aim for autonomy in order to keep growing. I speak several (human) languages, and I believe that to be a strong root when it comes to learning programming languages.

I'm currently going through a Full Stack Java course as well!