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Innovative Software Developer with Expertise in React, Ruby on Rails, and Business Intelligence

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Hi, I am an experienced software developer with a diverse background in civil engineering, computer science, and telecommunications. Throughout my career, which spans from 2016 to the present, I have gained extensive experience in developing features for customers, creating business intelligence, and assisting in mobile development.

I possess a variety of technical skills, including React, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, Typescript, OpenCV, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android. I am proficient in using these technologies to create innovative solutions for complex problems.

Currently, I work as a Backend Developer for a company since 2022, where I am responsible for creating new features for external and internal customers, developing components with Ruby on Rails and Vue js. Before this, in 2021, I worked as a Support Lead, where I was responsible for maintaining applications, delegating tasks, and problem-solving.

In my previous roles as a Full Stack Developer, I was responsible for developing modules and components in Front End and Back End using technologies like React, Ruby on rails, and PostgreSQL from 2019 to 2020. In addition, as a BI Developer, I created business intelligence reports using Power BI and Tableau, modeled DataWarehouse databases, and used other technologies such as Angular, Ruby on Rails, and MySQL in 2018.

I have also worked as an Android Developer, where I was involved in developing mobile applications for Android devices, using real-time data management and working on both the Back End and Front End in 2016. I was part of a team of mobile developers working on an application for Android phones managing people's data and working with WIFI and Bluetooth in the same year.

My educational background includes a degree in Civil engineering in Computer Science and Telecommunications from Diego Portales University, Santiago, where I graduated in 2018. This degree has helped me develop a strong foundation in software development and data analysis, and it has allowed me to excel in my career.

In conclusion, as an experienced software developer, I possess the technical skills, experience, and educational background required to create innovative solutions for complex problems. I am always looking to expand my knowledge and skills to stay at the forefront of the constantly evolving tech industry.