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Full Stack Developer, RoR, Angular, AngularJS

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Key points to highlight:

  • Almost 7 years of experience in full-stack development with Ruby on Rails.
  • Knowledge of a wide range of technologies, including Ruby, Python, and Angular.
  • Leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Passion for learning and continuous improvement.


  • Outgoing, committed, responsible, self-taught, and eager to learn.
  • Full-stack developer with almost 7 years of experience in Ruby on Rails.

I am a full-stack developer with a solid technical background and experience in web and mobile development. I am an outgoing, committed individual with a passion for learning new things. I have a good level of English and am interested in agile development.

I have a strong understanding of the full development process, from ideation to deployment. I am proficient in a variety of programming languages and technologies, including Ruby on Rails, Angular JS, and PostgreSQL. I am also experienced in working with agile methodologies and have a proven track record of delivering high-quality software on time and within budget.

I am a team player and have a proven ability to work effectively with others. I am also a self-starter and have a strong work ethic. I am confident that I can make a significant contribution to any team and help to achieve its goals.

If you are looking for a talented and experienced full-stack developer, I would be a great fit for your team. I am eager to learn more about your company and the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your success.


  • Graduated in Computer Science from Universidad Central de Venezuela.
  • Knowledge in algorithms, data structures, computer architecture, software engineering, operating systems, relational and dimensional databases, and graphics computing.
  • Experience in web and mobile development with Python, Ruby on Rails, and Android.


  • Teaching Assistant II in Operating Systems at Universidad Central de Venezuela.
  • Intern at Siscotel, where developed web and mobile applications with Python, Ruby, and Java.
  • Full-stack developer at Siscotel, where developed web and mobile applications with Ruby, PHP, Python, and Java.
  • Full-stack developer at Cleteci, where develops web applications with AngularJS or Angular 7 and Ruby on Rails.


  • Charismatic, outgoing, determined, leader, team player, empathetic, communicator, conflict resolver, collaborator, adaptable, willing to try new things, and initiative.


  • Spanish and English.

Hobbies and interests

  • Music, video games, anime, surfing, and beach sports.


  • English as a Foreign Language at Centro Venezolano Americano.
  • XIII Jornadas Latinoamericanas de Agilidad.
  • Agile Product Management.