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Full Stack Web Developer. 4 years of Experience working for American Companies. Highly productive, adaptative, collaborative, creative.

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Electronics Engineer & Full Stack Web Developer with a proven ability to adapt in collaborative environments while staying focused on achieving high quality results under strict deadlines. This quality and results-based approach drove me to become the most productive developer in my Team for a long time.

Proficient in developing flexible Node.js REST and Graphql APIs, processing complex structures of data, creating complex React.js User Interfaces, testing code, troubleshooting complex bugs and deploying applications to popular Cloud Services.

My Stack includes (but it´s not limited to) the following technologies:

  • Backend: Node.js , Express.js, Typescript, Apollo Server (Graphql), MongoDB, Mongoose, Mysql, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, Docker, Auth0, Authentication, Authorization, Pagination, Rate Limiting, Data Caching, API Security, deployment, AWS Cloud Services.

  • Frontend: Single Page & SSR Applications, HTML5, Advanced CSS3, Javascript, Typescript, React.js, Gatsby.js, Next.js, Auth0, React Hooks, React Context, React Router, Redux, React Query, React Table, Styled Components, CSS Modules, Material UI, Ant Design, React-konva, React-beautiful-dnd.

  • Deployment and Cloud Services: Netlify, Heroku, AWS Amplify, AWS S3, AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS Secrets Manager.

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