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Building Scalable Web Applications with Node.js, React.js, Typescript, and MongoDB: A Comprehensive Platform Stack Approach

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Are you looking to take your Full Stack Development skills to the next level? Look no further than the experience of a Senior Developer Consultant. With years of experience designing and developing software applications and distributed services, this consultant has honed their skills in writing well-structured, tested, readable, and maintainable software.

As a Senior Full Stack Developer Consultant, I am responsible for designing and developing software applications, features, and distributed services. I write well-structured, tested, readable, and maintainable software and tune, profile, and debug JavaScript applications. Additionally, I participate in code reviews and disseminate knowledge, contributing to each step of the product development process.

In my previous role as a Frontend Developer, I focused on writing clean, reusable, and performant React Components, unit testing with React Testing Library, performing code review, and collaborating with Scrum Master, QA, Front and Back End Engineers. I also participated in Sprint Planning, Story Pointing, Sprint Review, and Demo.

As a Full Stack Software Engineer, I worked on large-scale web applications with the MERN Stack. I implemented UI/UX code using React.js and backend code using Node.js/Express/MongoDB. I also enhanced the performance of front end web applications, modified, debugged, and refactored large codebases, and analyzed code, requirements, system risks, and software reliability. I collaborated with Product Owner, QA, front end and back end web developers, and deployed projects on Azure/AWS.

In my role as a Developer, I created a web-based vacation tracking SaaS, implemented React/Next.js UI/UX code, modeled and implemented database with MongoDB/Mongoose, integrated payment methods, and deployed the project on Heroku. I also created a remote job board, wrote clean, fast, scalable, and sustainable code in JavaScript (React/Node.js), scraped job boards with Puppeteer/Cheerio, processed, parsed, and saved scraped data in a MongoDB database hosted on MongoDB Atlas, and deployed the project on Heroku.