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Experienced Senior Frontend Developer with 8 Years of Expertise in React, Javascript, and NodeJS

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As a Senior Frontend Developer with almost 8 years of experience, I am proficient in a wide range of tools and technologies, including React, Javascript, NodeJS, and Express, among others. My experience also covers a broad spectrum of additional tools, such as Webpack, npm, XState, Jest, Mocha, and more. I have a proven track record of developing projects from scratch, performing code review, and mentoring other developers.

In August 2020, I joined a new company where I have been working as a Senior Frontend Developer. My main responsibilities include developing frontend projects from scratch using React and Material UI, auditing performance issues, and troubleshooting bugs. I am also responsible for developing reusable and accessible components and mentoring other developers. One of my key achievements in this role has been building plugins for YouTube and tokenization, which have significantly improved the company's customer experience.

Prior to my current role, I worked as a Front End Developer from January 2018 to August 2020, where I developed accessibility solutions for multiple projects. I also cleaned up Proctor and A/B testing variables in Java projects, developed reusable and accessible components, and mentored developers in Japanese, Guatemalan, and Indian teams. Additionally, I performed code review, which helped ensure the quality of the codebase.

I obtained a degree in Computer Sciences and Computer Programming in 2017, where I honed my skills in programming and software development.

Throughout my career, I have acquired a broad range of technical skills, including NextJS, Redux, Scrum, GitHub, C Programming Language, Python Programming Language, PHP, and Git. These skills have helped me deliver high-quality projects and collaborate effectively with teams.