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I am a software developer with 4 years of experience, specializing in backend development with Ruby on Rails. Throughout my career, I have not only deepened my specialization but also had the opportunity to learn and work with numerous technologies. My involvement in a variety of projects has allowed me to apply and hone my skills, and has driven me to grow continuously as a programmer, adapting to new challenges and trends in the industry

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I'm a software developer with 4 years of specialized experience in backend development, primarily using Ruby on Rails. However, my journey has led me to explore and adapt to numerous technologies, participating in various projects that have sharpened my skills and fueled my passion for coding. Beyond my technical expertise, what sets me apart is my commitment to understanding clients' needs and translating them into robust, user-friendly solutions. My adaptability and willingness to immerse myself in new challenges have allowed me to create meaningful and effective products. Whether it's overhauling legacy systems or innovating with the latest technologies, I approach every task with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude, making me a valuable asset to any team.