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1.I began my interest in technology from a particular project that I was working on and needed to organize. As I graduated, I was able to design software for my needs.

2.Using bootstrap I needed to make a progress bar which should be 7 parts and bootstrap divides it by 2, in my case I needed to divide it into 7, so I divided 100 percent and I made a column with the percentage divided into 7 .

3.With a particular api it did not open and did not detect the error anywhere on the server. It occurred to me to use the azure explorer in the virtual machine so that there it showed me an error in web.config. So I learned that with that tool I could see that kind of error

4.I am passionate about continuing to increase my knowledge in the different stacks, Microsoft being my main interest.

5.I am a ductile person to get in contact with colleagues and perhaps be able to solve a problem in that group, in that I think I see it as something special

What I can see in me is the constancy of wanting to learn if I don't know something, I think it is my main faculty that I can appreciate