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Fullstack web developer with more than 4 years of experience developing web and mobile applications. Passionate about modern user interfaces and IT security. I keep myself in the constant search for challenges that allow me to learn about new technologies and expand my knowledge. My main hobby is play videogames.

Main Technical Skills: React, Next.js, MySQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, Ionic, GIT, CSS/SCSS, HTML, Native Spanish, English B2

Soft Skills:, Ethic, Autodidact, Teamwork, Effective communication, Creativity

Some of the projects I developed:

Weedzly Inc: In charge of the technical planning, development and maintenance of a marketplace application capable of interacting with the location of the user and registered stores, in order to represent the information on maps and facilitate routes, in addition to
providing assistance with sales and product delivery, among many other features.

Use of technologies such as Express, MongoDB,, NextJs, React,
Redux, JWT, Redis, Mapbox, Google Maps, IONIC React, among others.
Implementation on the web and Android and IOS mobile applications. Information system that allows users to publish reviews of the
platform aimed at the field of cargo transportation. Implementation of MySQL
with Sequelize, consumption of government API for user verification and
obtaining relevant information (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Informative web portal belonging to a nursing home, built with
nextjs and a contentful (CMS) for the publication of blog articles. Website that runs under Wordpress technology to promote
a restaurant chain as well as the products to offer.

TrillionaireClub: Information system with the ability to generate avatars
randomly following criteria established by the operator through scripts executed
in NodeJs, manipulation of graphic resources, and use of Amazon S3 to store