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JavaScript Fullstack Software Engineer with more than 7 years of
work experience in IT companies. Software development using
relational and no relational databases, working mainly with NodeJs
and frameworks such as NestJs, Laconia, sequalize, serverless and
Typeorm for the backend, And other languages such as golang, c#
and Python; and in the frontend vanilla JavaScript and frameworks
such as React, NextJS, React Native, VueJS and Angular. Abilities
for CI /CD and devops, using pipelines. Experience working with
Agile methodologies and with strong analytic and innovation skills;
including all the artifacts and ceremonies such as dailies, grooming,
retrospectives, and with artifacts like backlog, Kanban board, charts,
and others.
• JavaScript. Others: Java/ Python / golang / .Net Core
• NodeJS / NestJS / TypeORM /sequalize /
• VueJS / React / React Native / NextJS / Jest
• AWS / lambda / dynamo/ gateway (serverless framework)
• Heroku / Bitbucket / Github / Jenkins / docker
• MongoDB / Azure / CosmoDB / Redis
• PostgreSQL / OracleSQL /Sql server
• Kanban / Scrum