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Full Stack Developer Extraordinaire with a Proven Track Record of Crafting Highly-Functional User Interfaces that Maximize User Engagement and Satisfaction

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I am a talented Full Stack Software Developer with a strong background in front-end development and production. My experience has allowed me to optimize processes to achieve my client's goals. I am proficient in various programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, and databases such as SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB. In addition, I am well-versed in web development technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, React, and TailwindCss.

Currently, I work as a Semi-Senior Frontend Engineer at Lone Wolf, where I design, develop, and test SaaS applications for desktop and mobile devices using React. My experience in solving complex software engineering tasks while maintaining coding standards and practices is beneficial to my work.

Previously, I worked as a UI Developer at IIsystemsoft technologies, where I ensured software operates ideally across a range of programs and platforms, including Microsoft and Apple products and various mobile operating systems. I produced front-end code and visual comps to create a polished and highly functional user interface with a focus on usability and simplicity of design.

My education includes Holberton School, where I learned programming languages such as Python, JS, HTML, CSS, DB, SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB. I am also an expert in React, React Hooks, React with CSS, and JavaScript, basic libraries, frameworks, algorithms, and data structures from PLATZI. I have completed courses on React, Redux, Hooks, and SASS from Udemy.

Lastly, I have experience working as a Lead-Frontend Developer at Coderise-Bomberbot Project, where I developed and implemented an online text editor with React for HTML, CSS, and JS for students who are learning web development. I worked with agility frameworks like Scrum to achieve the company's goals.