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Meet Graco, a Full Stack Developer with a passion for algorithmic problem-solving and a drive to tackle complex challenges in software development. After completing his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Graco rediscovered himself in software development, applying his solid knowledge in the fundamentals of Computer Science such as Algorithms, Data Structures, and their complexity analysis.

Graco is currently working at Gentil Negócios, where he was recently promoted to Software Developer III. He has played an integral role in homologating the sales integration portal as a Full Stack developer, backend-heavy, processing invoices coming from Grupo Boticário's Gera and TOTVS' Practico Live systems. He has also developed RPA solutions to unify/integrate information in SAP ERP with deployment in the Microsoft Azure, utilizing his skills in Python/Django, Angular, and MongoDB.

Graco has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and is always keen to learn something new. Recently, he has developed expertise in Apache Airflow, which he has utilized in his work at Gentil Negócios. He is known for his unique ability to solve complex problems algorithmically, and his colleagues often seek his assistance when they are stuck.

Graco's passion for algorithmic problem-solving and his extensive experience in Full Stack development have given him a unique set of skills that enable him to tackle challenges where others cannot. He has expertise in a variety of technologies, including Python/Django/Flask, PostgreSQL/MySQL/MongoDB, JavaScript/Node.js, Linux/Docker, Angular/React.js, and GCP/Azure. These skills, combined with his relentless work ethic and his ability to think outside the box, make Graco an awesome Full Stack Developer who is always up for a challenge.