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Experienced Full Stack Developer with a strong background in AWS, ReactJS, and NodeJS, proficient in developing and maintaining web applications, implementing infrastructure as code, managing CI/CD pipelines

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Full Stack Developer | Jan 2022 - Present

Responsible for maintaining and developing features for the company's post-sale business operations
Collaborating with international colleagues to ensure efficient coordination and communication
Managing Infrastructure as Code using various AWS tools
Deploying and testing AWS Lambdas and monitoring system costs using New Relic
Implementing CI/CD on Gitlab for code management and merging
Utilizing security and dependency tools like OWASP Dependency Check, Dependency Track, Trivy, Talisman, and SonarQube
Configuring, scaling, and building using Nx and working with technologies like YAML, Docker, ZAP Baseline, and Jira.

Full Stack Developer | Aug 2021 - Jan 2022

Conducted research on conversational solutions for bureaucratic procedures
Developed a WhatsApp bot and resolved AI-related roadblocks and chatbot patterns
Conducted general login, data entry, and webpage maintenance tasks
Collaborated with government offices and legal teams
Worked with Typescript, Botmaker, and React to develop solutions.

Full Stack Developer | Aug 2020 - Aug 2021

Developed and maintained features for Lenovo's business front in the North American region
Analyzed capacity on both the front-end and back-end and worked with the back-end team
Worked on developing back-end tasks while transitioning from monolithic to microservices architecture
Worked with colleagues from China, India, and the US
Used technologies like JavaScript, ReactJS, Hybris, Jira, VueJS, Typescript, and NuxtJS.

Full Stack Developer | Jan 2020 - Aug 2020

Developed web applications using front-end technologies and frameworks as a freelancer
Migrated codebase from Angular to ReactJS
Worked with the back-end team and occasionally developed back-end tasks
Communicated with clients and developed user stories
Used technologies such as CSS tools, ReactJS, VueJS, Angular, and MySQL.