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Hello, my name is Jose Chaparro, and I have a bachelor's degree in Bachelor of
Science in Computer Science

I have 5 years of professional experience as a web developer, with
knowledge in backend and frontend development and SQL and NoSQL
database management

Among the programming languages I have worked with are:

  • Back-end:

    • Java (4 años)
    • Node.js (1 año)
  • Front-end:

    • JavaScript (4 años)
    • React (1 1/2 año)
    • HTML (4 años)
    • CSS (4 años)
  • Databases:

    • SQL Express
    • MySQL
    • Postgress
    • MongoDB
    • GraphQL

A recently reached milestone has been creating a new application in Quarkus (Java framework), which was about the control of affidavits for insurance companies in the city of Buenos Aires.

Something new that I've learned is Quarkus, related to the milestone previously mentioned.