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I'm a developer with a focus on continuous learning and a passion for problem solving.

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I'm a Full Stack developer with strong experience in various technologies, such as React.js, Node.js, Next.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, among others.

My experience spans diverse projects at WeKnow Inc. and others as a freelance, where I've had the opportunity to apply and improve my skills. With a focus on continuous learning and a passion for problem solving, I am confident in my ability to make a significant contribution to what you are looking for.


  1. WEKNOW Inc. As Full Stack Developer August 2021 - Currently working I worked as a Full Stack developer in international teams for a client and also in an internal platform and the Company's own sites.
  • The company's website, built (in 2023) with state-of-the-art
    technologies like TypeScript, Next.js, Tailwind, Styled Components,
    and incorporating Atomic Design principles.

  • (Currently working on this project) The company's platform
    provides tools for different areas of the company (Recruitment, HR,
    Management, Clients/projects, employees, etc), and I take care of
    maintaining it, creating new features and solving possible bugs. For
    it I use React.js, Node.js, Meteor.js, MongoDB and Sass.

  • For the Phase2 client I worked as Full Stack in different projects
    with international teams, in them I used Drupal, PHP, SQL, Twig and
    Sass. The projects are:
    . Multiple E-commerce site (multiple clients and translated into
    all languages), I worked on maintaining the site for 3 months,
    making changes requested by clients and solving bugs that the
    site had.
    . We created in +2 months a new site for a company that needed
    to train its employees, on the site you can see courses and
    documentation. On this site I was able to create a custom
    module and use multiple services.
    . We created a new site for a museum in 2 months, where you
    can see their works and also view/register for their events.

  1. App for the foundation "Yo Soy La Inmaculada Madre
    Del Divino Corazón Eucarístico de Jesús".
    I created from scratch a new application for Android and IOs.
    (Stage 2 in progress) (Open with a cell phone).
    Built with React.js and converted into an App by the guys at .

  2. Freelancer creating web pages for companies and
    ventures (2018 - 2019).
    I worked on them alone. I made them with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.