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I'm a developer with a growing skill set in JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJs, and C#. I am able to analyze problems, collaborate with others, and take a structured approach to problem solving.

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I'm Tomás, a 24-year-old FullStack Developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a passion for learning new skills and exploring diverse interests. Along with my focus on technology, I'm also an illustrator, painter, guitarist, and avid reader of philosophy, art, and music history. I'm a vegetarian and a proud owner of a dog named Calo.

My journey into the world of programming started with a curiosity for how technology works and a desire to make a difference in the world. As a FullStack Developer, I specialize in Web Design and have experience with a range of technologies, including NodeJS, React, Redux, and various ODM & ORM frameworks. I'm skilled in creating UX & UI designs with tools like MaterialUI, Bootstrap, Tailwind, and CSS3. I'm also experienced in using Agile methodologies for project management and have worked with project tracking and task management tools like Jira, Ora, and Trello.

Recently, I accomplished a major milestone in developing a scalable web application that was praised by my team and stakeholders. I also learned new techniques for improving website performance and optimization.

What I'm passionate about is using my creative thinking and technical expertise to develop engaging web experiences that connect with users. In the future, I'd like to focus on game design and integrate my artistic side with technology to create immersive experiences for players.

My unique skills include my ability to approach complex problems with a proactive mindset, my strong organizational and communication skills, and my creative flair for developing unique solutions. I believe that my diverse skill set and passion for learning make me a valuable asset to any team, and I'm confident that I can bring a fresh perspective to any project