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Full-Stack Developer | Experienced building web apps from scratch using React, Ruby on Rails, Node and Express js | Maintenance and upgrade for pre-existing web apps | QA Tester | Looking for a new position.

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I began my journey in the programming world as an autodidact at an early age. Through my connections, I was able to join several development teams as an entry-level developer. In this role, I was responsible for maintaining RoR apps and developing new scalable functions to resolve tickets from the QA team. During this time, I also gained experience with version control systems like Git and GitHub and the SCRUM methodology.

Eventually, I decided to focus on the client-side aspect of the development process. That's when I discovered Microverse, a remote software development school that emphasizes project-based learning and remote pair programming. Here, I gained experience building everything from landing pages to Rails APIs and creating visually appealing client-side web apps based on wireframes and design guidelines.

With my experience developing software solutions, I consider myself a Full Stack Developer with strong attention to detail and creativity. I enjoy collaborating with cross-functional teams and mentoring new students as a volunteer at Microverse Academy. I am always eager to learn and take on new challenges to improve my knowledge and skills.

My technical skillset includes JavaScript, React, Node, Express, Redux, Ruby, Rails, jQuery, AWS, Jest, HTML5, CSS3, Git, GitHub, Netlify, Mobile/Responsive Development, RSpec, TDD, Chrome Dev Tools, Agile, Scrum, Linux, and PostgreSQL.

In my free time, I enjoy reading IT articles to stay up-to-date, playing sports, cooking, and exploring my passion for cinema and music.