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Senior Full Stack Software Developer (Laravel + VueJS + Flutter)

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I’m a dedicated full-stack software developer with a strong passion for creating exceptional user experiences. Over the past 8 years, I have honed my expertise in frontend and backend development, hybrid mobile development, systems design, data modeling, and AWS infrastructure. This diverse skill set allows me to grasp the complete scope of any project and deliver valuable contributions.

My primary areas of specialization include Laravel, VueJS, and Flutter. However, I also possess proficiency in Vanilla PHP, Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, React.js, Docker, Jest, PHPUnit, and TypeScript. As a lifelong learner, I actively seek out new opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills, ensuring I stay up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies. This eagerness to embrace new challenges enables me to apply my expertise to a wide range of technologies.

Throughout my career, I prioritize adhering to the SOLID principles and following the best programming practices. By doing so, I consistently deliver high-quality, best-in-class applications that meet and exceed client expectations.