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Backend Software Developer | Javascript | NodeJS | Python | PostgresSQL

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I'm a passionate developer looking to learn something new every day and new challenges that allow me to grow as a developer. I am passionate about languages like NodeJs, Javascript and Python and I'm currently learning Elixir (I am really interested in this language).

I graduated as a computer engineer, but actually my path as a programmer began in 2016, I saw in the world of development an opportunity to get ahead, grow as a professional and also that I really like it.

My most recent goal was to be part of the professional services team of the company fulcrum, in which I made nodejs scripts that seek to integrate platforms such as Maximo IBM, ArcGis123 Survey to fulcrum.

I enjoy development, especially backend development. Since I discovered languages like Javascript, NodeJs and Python I've been interested in discovering new technologies that allow me to solve things in a better way.

Throughout my professional career I have learned many things, especially mistakes with which I could support others, as well as encourage them to continue reading as it improves our skills.

Finally, I consider that my skills are teamwork, continuous learning, not giving up in the face of challenges, as well as the ability to perform in the programming languages I have described above.