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Software Engineer, Mathematician, Music Nerd

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Full Stack Developer with 2 YOE that enjoys solving problems and building elegant applications that positively impact users' daily lives. I value autonomy but want to be a part of a collaborative, Agile team environment that challenges me every day. I am a coding polyglot, but my favorite technologies are React, JavaScript, Python, and MySQL. I architect applications at the intersection of design, functionality, and optimization.

Outside of work, my main passions are skiing and music. I used to ski competitively, but my love for the mountains and competitive nature still remain. I also co-founded an international artist collective called Space Milk, that highlights under-appreciated art and music from the underground and strives to further equality and representation in those subcultures.

Engineering Tech Stack:
Front End: React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery
Back End: Node.js, Django, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Firebase, RabbitMQ, Express
Testing & Deployment: Enzyme, Jest, Mocha, Chai, AWS, Azure, Heroku, Docker, NGINX

Analytics Experience With:
• R (TidyVerse, ggplot2, Rvest)
• Python (Pandas, Numpy, SciKit-Learn, BeautifulSoup4, Selenium, Django)
• SAS (Base 9 Certified)