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Ruby on Rails Developer with Extensive Technical Expertise and Strong Leadership Abilities Seeking Challenging Projects.

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As a software developer with almost six years of experience, I have worked extensively with Ruby on Rails, specifically versions 5 and 6. I have led a team of 10 people in the past year, taking ownership of several projects simultaneously, analyzing project feasibility at a technical level, meeting with stakeholders to transform new requirements into tickets, and helping my colleagues grow through pair programming and code review suggestions.

In terms of technical experience, I have complete configuration of the Rails framework, extensive experience working with Rails as a monolith, and have written Rails API REST with devise token auth. I have also worked on large-scale applications with complex business logic, and am familiar with many design patterns such as presenter, observer, adapter, builder, and state. Additionally, I have experience with Stimulus/Turbo, CI/CD with GitHub and Heroku, extensive experience with all kinds of tests in RSpec, and parallel processing and asynchronous tasks with Sidekiq.

I am currently looking to join a team to work on challenging projects that allow me to continue my professional growth in a pleasant environment. Ideally, I am seeking a full remote position with flexible working hours.

Skills :Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Sass, Python, Django, JQuery, C#, Microsoft.Net Framework, SQL server