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Expertise in C#, Javascript, Jquery, Angular, Python, Node, Sql Server, MySql

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About me, I am a passionate developer since i was 15 years old, i always really liked the C# language from a very young age.
Over time I studied web development with tthe same language, my first job was as a freelancer for a telecommunications company creating an email sending server. The application received a form from the front and sent it formatted to an email box in excel format.
After a year they hired me for a medical assistance company in the development area. In that company I worked with SQL Server, C#, Angular to create benefits for users and accounting systems for the company.
In my free time i love study about Ethical hack and Penetration Testing, I also learn about secure development techniques.
I am currenly working in a company similar to BestBuy(EEUU) in the development area, normally creating ApiRest for the clients and any type of software that the company requires.