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Full-task web developer experienced in Rails and React

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I am a self-taught Full Stack Web Developer with the hands-on experience of collaborating in teams to achieve the creation, improvement and release of innovative and attention-getting projects. Starting in 2021 I underwent an intense program of hands-on learning in full-stack web development where I built more than thirty projects, most of them through remote pair programming, and got graded according to industry standards. Although my previous work experience was not related to web-development, it stretches across many fields (land surveying, stockbroking, elementary school education, translations, digital marketing, etc.) which have provided me with a wide range of skills that are common currency in the global job marketplace, as well as with a wide perspective of the global marketplace itself.

Web-development skills:
* Front-End: JavaScript | React | Redux | jQuery
* Back-End: Ruby | Ruby on Rails
* Databases: Postgres | MySql
* Styling: Styled-components | SASS | CSS-in-JS | Bootstrap
* Tools & Methods: Git | GitHub | Heroku | Netlify | Mobile/Responsive Development | RSpec | Test driven development
* Dev Tools in Chrome & Firefox Dev Tools

Other professional skills:
* Remote pair programming | Teamwork
* Continuously expanding knowledge base
* Skill in analyzing and troubleshooting
* Strong communication skills
* Proficient, clear and precise in written communication
* Adaptable and able to work well under pressure
* Proactive and decisive in resolving issues that present themselves in the implementation of a project
* Willing to travel and to change residency

For more information, you can look me up at the following web pages/sites:
* Portfolio:
* GitHub profile:

When I am not at work or learning about new technologies, the activities I passionately engage in are painting, essay writing and tango dancing.

I am open to exploring exciting front-end development opportunities in startups as well as companies with scale. Looking for a full-stack or front-end developer to collaborate with your team in conceiving, conceptualizing and generating technology-enabled and consumer-centric products from the ground up? Then schedule a zoom call with me. You can contact me at my e-mail address: