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Senior web with several year of experience , hard working, fast learner , team worker eager for new challanges

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• Bachelors in Computer Science (Engineer in Computer Science.)
• 10 years + software development experience.
• Experience of work with multidisciplinary and multinational/remote teams.
• Assumed different roles and responsibilities on most levels of development, delivering them to a safe port, with the highest level of responsibility and professionalism.
• Full Stack Developer, Solution Architect for various projects for the email marketing, industrial and cloud-computing sectors.
• Experienced with C#, .NET, .NET Core, .NET Standard.
• Excellent understanding of REST-API and GraphQL
• Full software life-cycle experience working on complex products within Agile environments, TDD and SOLID principles.
• Experience on various technical solutions on different technologies including JavaScript, PHP, Angular 13, Java ad Spring Boot.
• Good exposure throughout using software development essentials (OOD, Unit tests, CI/CD)
• Good understanding of service-orientated architecture (SOA), microservices architecture and complete design, development of complex real-time systems GIT and Continuous Integration and Delivery