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Web and mobile application developer, committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technological trends in order to provide highly effective service. I am specialized in solving complex problems, clean coding, and meticulous development analysis to ensure that my solutions are robust and scalable.

Goft Visualize | Software engineer | January 2022

I developed the company's website from scratch using Next.js as a framework
and Material UI, among other libraries resulting in a highly functional platform
for users. Additionally, I created a REST API server with Express which
significantly improved the process of sending messages and bookings through
integration with Google Calendar and payment processors like PayPal.

I actively contributed to optimizing processes related to 360° virtual tours
thanks to my specialized technical knowledge. I implemented innovative
solutions aimed at reducing production costs without sacrificing quality or

I also contributed to the design and development of a web-based tool that
allows our company to create VR-compatible 360° virtual tours; this was
done in order to meet our clients' specific needs. My active participation
helped create a highly personalized and functional product. Web and mobile
application developer knowledgeable about technology used for providing
good service, problem-solving skills,, as well as development analysis.