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Dynamic Fullstack Developer with Leadership Experience and Wide-ranging Technical Skills

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I am a highly motivated and confident Fullstack Developer, with experience in leadership as a Team Leader. I possess a wide range of technical, problem-solving, communication, and learning abilities, which make me an ideal candidate for any Fullstack Developer role.


Proficient in Front End Coding
Strong problem-solving skills
Fast Learner
Excellent communication skills
Effective Leadership

3 years working in Ruby on rails projects
2 years working in React.js

Junior Fullstack Developer | Startups with dynamic requirements | Various technologies: Swift, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React, Angular, Vue

In this role, I worked on multiple projects with dynamic requirements that required me to learn various technologies quickly. I gained experience in using Swift, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React, Angular, and Vue, which has broadened my technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

Technical Leader | Organized and defined work for experienced development team | Mentored Junior Developers in Ruby on Rails and React | Developed and maintained projects in various technologies: Ruby on Rails, React, Typescript, and Swift

In this role, I was responsible for organizing and defining work for an experienced development team, mentoring Junior Developers in Ruby on Rails and React, and developing and maintaining projects in various technologies. I also played a key role in providing effective communication between the team and clients, which helped in building trust and lasting relationships.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science | Universidad de la Republica. Facultad de Ingenieria