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Hello, I'm a 29-year-old full stack software developer from Colombia. My journey into the world of software development began under the guidance of my brother, a seasoned industry professional who served as both my sibling and mentor. Despite not having a formal education in this field, I embarked on a self-guided learning path. I quickly realized that the complexities of programming were more nuanced than initially perceived, especially for someone without a formal background.

Over the past three years, I have immersed myself in the dynamic realm of software development. Despite the challenges posed by my unconventional entry, I've garnered valuable experience and have had the opportunity to showcase my skills in various projects. Colleagues have consistently commended not only my work but also my enthusiastic and collaborative approach. I am deeply passionate about continuously expanding my knowledge base, and I find fulfillment in assisting others whenever possible. My unique journey has instilled in me a resilient work ethic and a commitment to ongoing growth in this ever-evolving field